A friend I will solely miss

Mohammed Merchant dies on December 17, 2006 after a short bout with cancer which lasted a little more than a year. We pray, “We belong to Allah, and unto Him we all must return”. With his death, ISNA, many of its affiliated associations and Muslims of the greater Toronto area lost an active worker and well-wisher. To those who interacted with him on a personal level, they lost a clear friend who could always be counted upon in times of need. Continue reading “A friend I will solely miss”

Lives Lived: Mohamed Merchant

Husband, father, brother, friend, mentor. Born July 1, 1936, in Trichur, Kerala, India, Died Dec. 17, 2006, in Malton, Ont., of esophageal cancer, aged 70.

After about two years in college preparing for medical school, realities of life caught with Mohamed Merchant and forced him to earn a living. Starting out as a driver, he went on to become a doctor’s assistant and then a pharmacist before coming to Canada in 1972. Like many of the newcomers he later helped, he initially entered the job market as a security guard and then did a stint as an old-age home nurse. The last 20 years of his working life were spent as a chemical plant operator. Sadly, the cancer diagnosis came within three years of his retirement. Continue reading “Lives Lived: Mohamed Merchant”